Code of Ethics and Rules

We will treat all customers with consideration, dignity and respect.

Code of Ethics

  1. We will treat all customers with consideration, dignity and respect.
  2. All our staff are trained and meet training standards in accordance with prevailing requirements stipulated by the Licensing authorities
  3. We do not engage in selling activities or any form of selling tactics during massage or therapy. Customers are assured that they would have uninterrupted service during treatment.
  4. We protect our customers’ confidentiality at all times. Customers’ information is only used for the purpose of internal monitoring of treatment, payment and internal marketing activities. We do not sell or trade customer information or data.
  5. Our spa is committed to avoid over or under-charging and to ensure correct change is given.
  6. We honour the price indicated in our website and advertising materials.

Rules and Regulations

  1. Our spa offers services to both male and female customers. Separate treatment rooms are available for both genders.
  2. New customers will need to provide customer information to enable the spa to perform internal administration and marketing activities. New customers also need to fill up a simple health form/questionnaire to help the spa assess your health condition. If you have any type of medical condition, such as asthma, cardiovascular condition, pregnancy etc, please indicate it in the said form/questionnaire as certain treatments may not be advisable for you. Please be assured that we will treat the customer information as confidential information and use the information only for the purpose of internal administration, internal marketing and monitoring purposes.
  3. If you are unwell, please inform our spa consultant/therapist so that they can take the necessary precautions during the treatment. Please note that all treatments are taken at your own risk and if you are in any doubt, please consult a doctor in advance.
  4. We endeavour to keep the spa clean in the interests of hygiene and customer care and will maintain all the equipment in good working condition.
  5. Customers are to keep their footwear at the designated areas and wear those footwear provided by the Spa.
  6. Our staff will guide you to change into the appropriate attire prior to the start of the treatment. We discourage our customers from wearing or bringing expensive jewellery into the treatment areas as they may need to be removed for the treatment. We will not take responsibility for any losses of valuables within the premises.
  7. Our spa would require all customers to wear the appropriate attire to cover their private areas during the course of the massage and will not make any exceptions whatsoever for any customers.
  8. To assist us to better schedule your appointments so that you can have your preferred time slot and therapist, we recommend that our customers contact us at least 2 days in advance.
  9. Please arrive at the spa at least 10 minutes before the appointment time. Late arrivals may result in shortening of the treatment time to cater to the next customer. After a treatment, please vacate the room within 10 minutes to allow our staff to clean up and prepare it for the next customer.
  10. Please note that for all appointments made, the spa will wait for the customer for a maximum of 15 minutes from the appointment time. Beyond that, the spa may give up the slot to the other customers. Therefore, please try to be punctual for the appointments, or call us to inform us you would be late so that the necessary adjustments may be made.
  11. Our spa does not have any video recording device and/or other form of image capturing devices in the treatment room to safeguard the privacy of customers.
  12. Beverages will be made available for the customers after each treatment.
  13. For payments, the spa accepts cash or NETS payment. Treatment prices quoted include the provision of service, usage of the spa premises and beverages served. The spa does not charge GST.
  14. In the event any customers are unhappy or aggrieved about any aspects/practices of our spa or the services rendered and wish to make a complaint, we have a system in place to document complaint cases and will endeavour to investigate the complaint thoroughly and will try to resolve or rectify the complaint expeditiously, and in any event, within a maximum of 21 days upon receipt of the complaint. Please contact our receptionist for more details.
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